When you want a complete wood fired oven of your own …

complete wood fired ovens installed by Gold Coast Wood Fired Ovens

… all it takes is just one phone call

When you want your very own wood fired oven so you can enjoy those great flavours that a wood fired oven can bring to your table the solution is to have us build it for you.

You get:

  • Your choice of a standard or custom design for your wood fired oven.
  • Your choice of a fixed or mobile wood fired oven
  • A wood fired oven built from the best quality materials
  • Your complete wood fired oven built on-site by experienced professionals
  • The job done fast
  • No mess left behind
  • Workmanship and materials that are guaranteed to last
  • Ongoing support long after the warranty period has expired.

That’s the guarantee that we give to all our clients.

You get the job done fast to your specifications … we clean up the mess … and we support you long after the warranty period has expired.

 Call now on 0421 775 090 for an obligation free quote and make your entertainment area come alive.